Hi and welcome to my website or blog or whatever it is. I am not a web-guy… I sail. This site and my company are setup to make sailing an awesome part of your life. You and me, we go sailing, the rest of them, they can figure out this web-site stuff. Sailing with Captain Frank encompasses the four focuses of my company.

Focus #1: The Outer Banks Sailing Academy has partnered with Sailing Florida. Both are American Sailing Association affiliated sailing schools. We offer a wide variety of classes from Small Boat Sailing all the way to Advanced Coastal Cruising on Mono-hulls as well as Catamarans. Classes are offered in Miami, St. Petersburg, the Florida Keys, the Abacos, and the Virgin Islands. We offer stand-alone classes as well as combination classes designed to get you sailing your own bareboat charter quickly. Live-aboard trips are challenging, safe, and fun. Please find the link “Learning doesn’t have to be boring” to take you to the world of sailing education.

Focus #2: Captained Charters are just awesome. Captain and mate do the work…we all have a blast. Imagine going away with your significant other (can you say private) or with a small group of your closets friends or family on the vacation of a lifetime. Your meals are prepared, your every wish fulfilled, you wakeup each day at a different world class snorkel site, with awesome beaches, and outstanding views at your beckon call. Want to go for a hike to a sugar plantation ruins this morning, no sweat, how about bathing in the sun as your yacht is sailing along in the tropic waters on its way to the next dream like cove? The link “South of 26 North”will open the portal to your excellent adventure.

Focus #3: So, you want to get your boat (power or sail) from here to there so you and your family can enjoy a change of scenery for a while. Or…you are moving to a new exciting location and you need to get your boat there. Or…you just bought a boat and you don’t have the time or experience yet to get her home. All these scenarios are where we come in. We can get your boat to where she needs to be on time, safely, and for a reasonable price. Whether it is an ocean passage or a trip on the ICW Sailing with Captain Frank can help you out. You just bought a boat and are nervous about the delivery to home, no sweat, let me go with you , teach you about your boat, rules of the road, and navigation on the way. You get instruction, guidance, and security all at the same time. Click the link, “I want my boat there not here”, to see just how simple it can be.

There you have it in a nut shell. Yahoooo breeze is up and I’m off on another sailing adventure. Maybe it will be you next Sailing with Captain Frank